Shortsea XML

About Shortsea XML

Shortsea XML is a message standard for exchange of data between parties in a shortsea transport chain. Its aim is to reduce administration work and costs and therefore encourage more freight to transfer from road to shortsea shipping.
The Shortsea XML project has been finances by the European Commission through its "Marco Polo Common Learning" funding scheme.
The Shortsea XML standard is promoted the European Shortsea Network and the individual Shortsea Promotion Centres.
Whilst the initial project participants has been given the first opportunity to exploit the business and operational advantages of the project, the new XML standard is open to all interested party. We invite any interested shipper, shipping line, port, forwarder, road haulier or other relevant organisation to contact the project team for advice on how to become involved. Contact us at

Message Standard

Shortsea XML is based on UN CEFACT and build on UN Core Components. It is an open standard and is freely available to all parties.
A range of European maritime associations, shippers, lines, agents, ports and IT suppliers are supporting the standard.


A Shortsea XML team is in place to help you with your requirements.

Objectives and Benefits

The core objective of Shortsea XML is to introduce a common messaging standard which has the potential of reducing overall costs by 10-20% thereby increasing the competitiveness of shortsea shipping when compared to road. By achieving this cost reduction we will encourage more freight to shift from road to sea.
The benefits are:
  1. Simplification and streamlining of administrative processes
  2. Reduction in administrative errors
  3. More transparency
  4. Improved customer service
  5. Saving of man hours
  6. Better vessel utilisation
  7. Easier to meet the reporting requirements of the authorities
  8. Reduced EDI implementation costs
  9. Neutral message management
For more information please contact ShortSea XML at